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Software designed to reduce human resource management efforts and produce accurate reports for top decision-makers.

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Daily Time Record

Monitor employee attendance, including entry and exit from the company premises, through the latest biometrics technology of your choice, including (but not limited to) fingerprint scanners, QR codes, facial recognition, etc. This software also comes with an online portal that employees can use file leaves and absences, subject to the approval of their immediate supervisor. A web bundy clock is also featured in this portal, wherein employees can time in and out using their own device, and also view their current location through geo-tagging for monitoring purposes of their superiors.

Human Resource Information System

Manage employees’ 201 files, manage applicants, issued memorandums and violations, bio-data, and access contract templates.


Automatically calculate the salary per employee through data gathered on each individual daily time record and facilitate crediting of the wages at the bank of your choice. Generate government taxes and benefits reports for filing.

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