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Educational Institutions in Philippines.

One of Digiflash’s major trademarks, Campuslink is designed to revolutionize and augment school management needs. Digiflash caters this product mostly to private schools and is already deployed to a multitude of educational institutions nationwide.

Managed RFID

State-of-the-art RFID technology that enables quick attendance monitoring and logs each entrance and exit of the student from the school premises. A real time SMS text will be sent to the students’ parents, informing them of their child’s time of entry and exit from the school for security and disciplinary purposes.

School Management Systems

A comprehensive school management software that streamlines interconnectivity between the teachers, students, cashier, registrar, and the principal. Grades are calculated in a moment’s notice and uploaded to the registrar section for transcript purposes. Tuition payments are also religiously monitored and earmarked if the students still have pending tuition dues. The portal provides ease of use to its users by accessing the system through any device.


Broadcast information in an instant. Using the student database, message dissemination can be accomplished easily at your fingertips. With this software, one can easily inform the student population of class suspensions, school events, tuition payment schedules, or any other information that needs to be sent out on an urgent basis.

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